Thoughts on ThoughtWorks Radar May 2018

Few minutes ago ThoughtWorks published their latest Radar. It’s a report about tooling and technologies they’re using in context of their viability and will to be used.
In this edition we can see few interesting things in the Adopt section, which indicates the company is happy use then.


I’m an eager fan of Kotlin. It’s very nice and concise language. Easy to learn, easy to write. On top of that it’s binary is fully compatible with Java and can be transpired to JavaScript or compiled to binary as Kotlin Native.
In this radar, Kotlin reached adopt, which means that ThoughtWorks are happy to use it in production.
There is a mention of tooling not being yet in mature phase but with recent increase of numbers of Kotlin community they are pretty sure tooling will get better very soon.


It’s nice that Kubernetes is getting more and more popular. Also in few latest releases it stabilised enough to get out of hipster technology realm and arrive in enterprise sector. Having that in mind I’m not surprised it landed in Adapt section of Radar as well.

.NET Core

I’m quite surprised about that news, probably because I’m not following .NET ecosystem that closely in the recent years.
Last time I’ve seen C# was about 5 or 6 years ago in very enterprise monolithic application with some old ASP here and there as legacy legacy. Those few years later I see bash and Linux subsystem on Windows and Microsoft platform working on all of operating systems and docker. Without a Windows licence.
A lot of changes and .NET Core also lands in Adapt section of the Radar. It looks like I may have a look at C# and F# again this year.

Notable mentions

Lightweight Architecture Decisions Records – I’ve heard about them before and now they are in the Adapt as previously mentioned technologies. I’m looking towards architecture positions in the future so I’ll give it a try soon.
Applying product management to internal platforms – I love this one (in Trial) as I see how bit difference the product approach can do to internal systems.
Recreating ESB antipatterns with Kafka and Overambitious API gateways being on Hold is a nice touch and I like to see that community notices the amount of bad things that can happen if those great tools are used irresponsibly.


I always like to have a read on the Radar. With every release I’ve learned something new about technology and placement of certain tools and techniques in the market. I’m looking forward to the next one.

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Doing code longer than I can remember. First great achievement in configuring sound card on Slackware 8. Now polyglot with Java as the main language and doing my best with *DD.

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