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Reducing cognitive load in your code

In the previous article I wrote about cognitive load during the development process in context of communication and human interactions. Today let’s have a look at the code itself and how can we make it better for ourselves. The big...

Serializing metadata and domain messages 0

Serializing metadata and domain messages

Once upon a time you’re getting a task where you need to deal with data used in the domain process and some which are irrelevant for it. First approach is use them in the main model of event or request...

CQRS explained – slides 0

CQRS explained – slides

Yesterday I gave a talk about basics of CQS and CQRS. It was a part of Code Mastery meetup I’m co-organising. Here are my slides. Video should come up soon as well. Introduction to cqrs from Darius Sadowski

Modular monoliths 0

Modular monoliths

We all know and we all worked with monolithic application. One big codebase which, in time, is looking more like hairball than real application. Usually at this time we want to rewrite it to microservice architecture. But I think first...

Designing REST API 2

Designing REST API

With current trend of Microservices REST APIs are taking leading position as implementation of them. There are always things that need to be done in a synchronous way. Public interfaces are also a thing and REST is the most obvious...

Event driven microservices 0

Event driven microservices

I’ve got lucky I got my spot in last London GOTO conference. Theme was obviously event driven microservices and how they simplify whole architecture of complex applications. After 2 days of listening about them there was no other choice than prototype....

Why should you use CommandBus 0

Why should you use CommandBus

CommandBus and CQ(R)S are gaining a lot of popularity over last year. Today I got question about benefits of the switch. As I used it by default for last year I’ve never thought about it. I’ll try summarize it in this...

Programming assingment #1 – Booking tickets 0

Programming assingment #1 – Booking tickets

Programming is fun. Often I have problem to find a issue I want to solve. With that in mind I start to publish my programming assignments I’m making for myself. Today we will have simple microservice to manage concurrent ticket...


Prototyping vs Maintenance

Last two weeks I was thinking a lot about whole process where I have a client on one side and a working application on the other. Fist big thing is in the title of this post. Too often we prototyping...


You are no longer application developer

Lately I watched few presentations about DDD and software architecture. What hits me after that is that we are no longer developing applications. We’re developing systems. Ask yourself when was last time when you created app which worked alone without...