Common Sense Driven Development

Nowadays every day or week we’ll getting new framework or tool everyone is hyped about. is a great example of trolling JS people about that. Development is a lot about this new and exciting technologies but day to day life is not as simple as using the cutting edge, shiny things. The double edged […]

CPS #1 – Spring Boot, Logback configuration

Welcome to Copy/Paste Snippets! It’s the first of the series of articles without much narration and a lot of code snippets. Goal is to have nicely searchable list of snippets of commonly used classes and/or configuration files. If you find error or improvement please let me know and we improve it 🙂 pom.xml [crayon-5d34090756050823002244/] Configuration […]

From PHP to Java

So I’m a Java developer for some time now and I’d like to share with you few things about the process I went through. I want to point few differences in the process, libraries and way of working between the languages. A bit of background I’m a senior developer and I was writing Java for […]

Modular monoliths

We all know and we all worked with monolithic application. One big codebase which, in time, is looking more like hairball than real application. Usually at this time we want to rewrite it to microservice architecture. But I think first thing we can take a look is how to write better monoliths.   Why do […]