How webpage works

As you are here I assume you are using Internet for some while now and you want to know now how to create webpages in PHP. Before we start with this I want to show you on basic level how your webpage is sent to your browser. Webpages are using protocol named HTTP. It means […]

Multiple PHP versions on OS X

Recently I’ve switched to OSX on my MacBook Air. To keep pace I used XAMPP for first twoo week but today I’ve finally configured my environment as i want. Requirements: PHP 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 Apache web server Sites in ~/Sites directory Working “localhost” for legacy directory-based projects Different PHP versions for vhosts Looks simple, […]

Stateless authentication in Symfony 2

Everyone these days want’s an API. Mostly for some SPAs or for external applications. Common issue here is a security layer where you can’t use standard form and cookies. Other thing about state saved in cookies is f.ex. clickjacking. James Ward wrote about this some time ago. So we have some requirements: Authentication based on […]


Development is not only about code. It’s also environment which helps us work faster and with less stress. In this category I’ll show you my favored tools which I’m using every day. First is MailCatcher. Simple Ruby/Sinatra application¬†without which I can’t imagine working with emails. It’s very simple. After installin and run you have virtual, […]

Prototyping vs Maintenance

Last two weeks I was thinking a lot about whole process where I have a client on one side and a working application on the other. Fist big thing is in the title of this post. Too often we prototyping instead of thinking what happens next. Of course it’s human factor but when I’m thinking […]